Life is precious and delicate…like A Leaf in the Wind

A heartfelt compilation of a mother’s art and a son’s poetry.

A Leaf in the Wind by Rose Marie Prins

Join Rose Marie Prins and (name of non-profit TBD) on Nov. 18th for the unveiling of A Leaf in the Wind

Help Spread Mental Health Awareness. Whether you’re suffering or know someone who is, help us remove the stigma that is an albatross weighing the afflicted down.

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Help us share this heartfelt expression of love and healing and be uplifted if you or someone you love suffers with mental health. Invite your friends and family!

A Leaf in the Wind is a beautiful table art and poetry book with a compilation of award-winning artist, Rose Marie Prins, and her late son’s, Jaro Majer, poetry that is a tangible expression of healing through grief.

A Leaf in the Wind by Rose Marie Prins