From Montreal to St. Petersburg, Annemarie Masson Charms the Art Lover’s Heart

From Montreal to St. Petersburg, Annemarie Masson Charms the Art Lover’s Heart

Annemarie Masson brings something different and unexpected to art lovers and collectors. She does not only have exquisite taste but a cerebral understanding of colors, texture, and balance, as well as how art complements a room. 

She received her Degree of Art in Montreal at College-Jean-de-Brebeuf. Her passion for art and design led her to study interior design at Dawson College.  Annemarie started her career as a textile illustrator in Montreal. Many of her designs were sold in retail stores like Neiman Marcus in New York City. She worked as an Interior Designer and produced paintings for many of her client’s homes for over 20 years. Now, painting full-time, Annemarie opened her studio in the Warehouse Arts District of St-Petersburg, Florida.

Her work will inspire and move you.  They are joy in color! Be careful, though, you may not have enough space in your home for all the paintings you will want to buy.

Annemarie Masson in her studio

NV: When was the first time you identified as an artist?

I identified as an artist at a very early pre-school age.  Teachers and peers noticed my drawings and from there stemmed the artistic identity.

NV: Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from nature and animals.  Growing up in the Laurentians, a mountainous area outside the city of Montreal, with my father and three brothers, I developed a strong attachment and admiration for nature. My father was a great admirer of nature and he shared this appreciation with us daily.  He was a widower, a cook, a fabulous gardener, a sailor, a tennis player, and knew much about winds and storms and weather, because of his training in the Canadian Navy in WW2.

My love of animals comes from my father as well, because he always spoke to animals, as if they were human and they could comprehend him. I always feel a special connection to nature and animals, and would talk to them myself, they inspire me, their innocence and beauty command our protection and respect.

Annemarie Mason in St. Pete Florida

My mother-in-law was a strong inspiration. She was an art dealer and decorator, and she owned her own art gallery in Montreal. Her home was filled with art and her appreciation was passed down to her children and grandchildren.

NV: Where do you get your energy to be so successful? What makes you happy and going?

My children make me happy. Living in the country and by the sea makes me happy. Interior design makes me happy; gardening, playing tennis, sailing and spending time with my dog makes me happy.  I love true friendships. Hypocrisy and injustice I cannot stand.

Annemarie Masson in St. Petersburg

NV: What is the most difficult part of “life as an artist”?

The most difficult part of being an artist is keeping up with social media and technology, being a jack of all trades is difficult for artists. It’s also difficult to conform to a style. An artist evolves, goes through constant transitions and this is the name of my art show – Transitions.

Annemarie Masson with her paintingNV: Who is your favorite artist(s) and why?

I love many artists and many mediums.  I love design, architecture, textiles, sculpture, lighting. To me, color and good composition are always important.  I’ve always loved Rene Magritte for his surreal compositions, night scenes, skies, and faint lights.

I love Jean-Paul Riopelle for his compositions and mixed mediums, for his representations of birds and animals. He was a neighbor, in the small French Canadian Village where the lake bears my family name, being that it was discovered and developed in 1864 by my ancestors. Riopelle’s success as an artist is impressive, his painting “Vend du Nord” (Northern Wind) sold for 7.4 million dollars. This summer I had the privilege to work in an old garage where he drank fine wine and once painted himself.

I love Banksy’s nerve; I envy his courage, representation of human tragedy and political realities worldwide. I saw his exposition in Australia and immediately connected. He creates resonant social, political and humanist messages for the masses – this I respect.

NV:  When you buy art for your home, what’s your main focus?

My main focus is to connect to the piece, enliven my home, and imagine what the artist was thinking. Art I would say changed in this era of vanity, Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc… people tend to overlook the process of art and replace it with anything that will impress others.  In the digital world, where computers can easily copy, print, shade, color, enlarge, draw etc… copyright infringement, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or make derivative works, is more prevalent than ever. With China and India mass producing textiles, furnishings, ceramics, sculptures and art, the line between authenticity and quality workmanship versus instant gratification and affordability is blurred and crossed all the time. I feel it is important for the spectator to truly understand the process and artistry behind the work of an artist.

NV:  What are your future plans as an artist?

My future plan is to continually develop and grow. To work hard and be professional and successful at what I do.  I would like to work closely with designers on residential and commercial projects. I would like to produce backdrops for theaters and opera houses in my dreams. Branding myself is not as important as expanding my artistry and mind. An artist continually sees, envisions, thinks, creates and attempts. I want my audience to follow my journey through my transitions.

NV:  More to share with our readers?

I am bilingual in French and English. On February 22, 2019, I will be hosting my next solo art show in downtown St Petersburg, FL, with champagne and French music of course!

I am from the exciting and very artistic city of Montreal: Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil, Norm McDonald (comedian), Denis Villeneuve (film director), Yann Martel (Life of Pie), The Montreal Jazz Festival,  the largest in the world (home to Arcade Fire, Men without Hats, Gino Vanelli, Simple Plan, and so many more)!  I produce and sell art from my home, during the summer months.  I teach art, lakeside, on Sunday mornings. My abstract series is very popular in Canada.

Annemarie Masson Artist

My website is geared towards all budgets, from prints to giclees, to originals in various sizes and frames, drop shipped worldwide. You can visualize my art in two very exciting ways on my website: “Wall Preview” where you can visualize my paintings in various spaces, change the size of my painting or print, and change the wall colors. “Augmented Reality” where a painting is automatically uploaded to your phone and is projected on your wall through your phone’s camera, so you can view it in a real room anywhere in your home, instantly.

There you have it! St. Petersburg stole a local Montreal treasure. So make sure you don’t miss her solo show on February 22, 2019.  Come see for yourself why Canadians and art lovers worldwide are wild about Annemarie Masson. It’s only for one night; so if you blink, you may miss it. Her art will make this the one show you will appreciate and remember, always.