Art and Fashion

Powerful collaboration

T There is a connection between art and fashion. Art always pushes fashion to be less serious, more provocative and innovative. It’s stretching the borders and conception of beautiful.

What first came to my mind is a creative collaboration between Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli. Elsa writes:

“Working with artists like Bebe Bérard, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Vertès, Van Dongen and with photographers like Hoeningen-Huene, Horst, Cecil Beaton and Man Ray gave one a sense of exhilaration.”

In 2017, Salvador Dalí Museum in Florida, hosted a special exhibition showing the first-ever retrospective of the artist and fashion designer. Here is a beautiful example how by mixing an unmixable phone and red lobster can lead to a stylish, fashion statement.

The famous lobster dress was a design collaboration with Salvador Dalí that grew out of the lobsters that started appearing in the artist’s work in 1934, including New York Dream-Man Finds Lobster in Place of Phone, which appeared in the magazine American Weekly in 1935, and the mixed-media Lobster Telephone created in 1936.

Dali-Art-and-FashionWomen’s Dinner Dress, 1937  and Lobster Telephone, 1936

As fashion gets inspiration from art, art is excited to be inspired by fashion. It’s like a never-ending cycle.

When Picasso painted the portrait of the wife of poet Paul Eluard, Nusch, during the summer of 1937, she wore Schiaparelli. The hat and jewelry were from the Winter 1937-38 Haute Couture collection. The lapel pins in the form of gilded metal cherubs were designed by Jean Schlumberger for Schiaparelli.

Schiaparelli-Fashion-and-ArtElsa Schiaparelli, L’Officiel, October 1937 and Portrait of Nusch Éluard, 1937

We can’t talk about Art and Fashion, without mentioning the famous Mondrian Collection. It was designed by French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. This collection was a homage to the work of several modernistic artists. Part of this collection was six cocktail dresses that were inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian. Because these six dresses played a major role in this collection, the collection is called the Mondrian Collection. In academic literature, it has been questioned whether this name fully covers the aim of the collection, since there are other artists who inspired Saint Laurent such as Poliakoff and Malevich.

The-Mondrian-collection-of-Yves-Saint-LaurentThe Mondrian Collection by Yves Saint Laurent, 1966

Art looks beautiful and organic on fashion. The way Stella McCartney used one of Liverpool born artist’s masterpieces is unique and very creative. Her Fall 2017 collection was inspired by British heritage, capturing the strength and beauty of George Stubbs’ 18th Century painting ‘Horse Frightened by a Lion’

British-Art-and-FashionStella McCartney Fall 2017 and A Horse Frightened by a Lion, 1770

Although, Canadian Designer Joseph Ribkoff gets his inspirations from nature. He creates his fashion by mixing different colors, shapes, and textures. His creations look like beautiful mixed-media collages. No wonder his line was chosen by Megan Simons, the owner of the most prestigious fashion boutique in Tampa Bay, Pippa Pelure, for our first Art, Fashion and Spirits Show

Modern-Art-and-FashionAbstract Painting by Helmut Priess, 1995  and Joseph Ribkoff Collection

While choosing artwork for the Spring 2018 Show, our team picked abstract colorful collages and mixed-media pieces by Modern Artist Helmut Preiss, contemporary Tampa Bay-based artists Wilmar Pabon, Dee Perconti and Karen Porter. Fashion and Art are the best beauty components.

Pabon-Art-and-FashionPippa Pelure Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection and Animals by Colombia born artist Wilmar Pabon.

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Woman’s Dinner Dress.
Lobster Telephone.
Elsa Schiaparelli, L’Officiel, October 1937 Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photograph by George Saad Copyright Les Editions Jalou, L’Officiel
Portrait of Nusch, 1937, Pablo Picasso,
Mondrian dresses by Yves St Laurent 1966,
Stella McCartney Fall 2017
A Horse Frightened by a Lion, 1770, George Stubbs,
Helmut Preiss and Wilmar Pabon  photos courtesy of Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events
Spring Summer Collection 2017 courtesy of Pippa Pelure Fashion Boutique

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