Bella Unica will change art shows into a collaboration of local business events, supporting homegrown entrepreneurs by bringing the art-loving community to their establishments.

With Tampa Bay being a popular art and cultural hub in Central Florida, the art show has become rote. Bella Unica intends to turn them into business-promotion venues, fusing the lifeblood of any community (local business) with the art-buying population who have spendable cash. By creating a network of businesses, each helping to promote all events with their patrons, Bella Unica will create a powerhouse art gallery and events facilitator helping businesses prosper.

Our Reach

Bella Unica will use social media, websites, event pages, local press and media, and local businesses to meet people where they are, so we can take them where we want them to go, to the show and your business.

If our network of businesses understands that each event MUST be a success, so when their event is promoted, all businesses band together to bring the buying public to them as well, the reach will be astounding.

Complement this with our already established followers and we’re off to a great start!


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