Simple Fall Decor

L Let’s continue with the Fall theme. On September 20th, Fall has officially arrived. So I took a look at what people are posting and picked up some unique home décor ideas. Simple to adopt, yet stylish.

Chapter I

5 Simple and Unique Fall Home décor ideas : What caught my attention online

Decor doesn’t need to be too complex or expensive. Use your love for the season, imagination and creativity. 

№ 1

Love this beautiful quote in a rustic frame by Jennifer, from Jennifer’s Hope Designs. It goes wonderfully with the mason jar, flowers and books.

Home Fall Decor: quotes


№ 2

Susan McInnis is playing with a variety of items, while decorating her house. My absolute favorite is the scale and pumpkins. What a cool combination! I’m also happy to see some “not your typical Fall” colors: this light blue looks perfect in the interior.

Fall decor: scale and pumpkins


№ 3

Less is more. I stumbled upon Megan’s website and was amazed how by adding a little detail or changing a color can convert the entire mood. I also fell in love with her “Use What You Have” concept in decorating.

Fall decor: less is more.


№ 4

Debbie’s Instagram account is filled with unique ideas and rare finds. Interesting how she is using these mason jars.

Fall decor: mason jars.


№ 5

Becky from Georgia makes Fall extremely inviting. To make your front yard look so magical, you will need: 1. Real or fake pumpkins 2. Greenery or flowers 3. Glass or wood… and you are ready for the Season!

Fall decor: white pumpkins.


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