Vintage Botanical Prints

I It is time to jump into October. Here is what caught my attention online this last week of September.

Chapter I

15 Unique Vintage Botanical Prints: What caught my attention online

I always loved vintage prints and a few days ago found this amazing resource with free high-resolution, old botanical prints. The work of Franz Eugen Köhler, “Medical Plants” (Medizinal-Pflanzen, 1887), is filled with beautiful illustrations. The book was written by Kohler, but the drawings were illustrated by artists, L. Müeller and C.F. Schmidt. I hope you’ll enjoy the uniqueness of these prints, as I did.

№ 1 Punica Granatum

Vintage Pomegranate

№ 2 Citrus Limonum

Vintage lemon Print

№ 3 Juglans Regia


№ 4 Gossypium Barbadense

Vintage Flower

№ 5 Vitis Vinifera

Vintage Grapes

№ 5 Rosa Centifolia

Vintage Rose

№ 7 Iris Florentina

Vintage Iris

№ 8 Iris Germanica

Vintage Flowers

№ 9 Smilax Medica

Vintage Red Flowers

№ 10 Dammara Alba Rumph

Vintage Green Flower

№ 11 Inula Helenium

Yellow Flowers Vintage Botanical Prints

№ 12 Crocus Sativus

Vintage Crocus

№ 13 Pinus Silvestris

Vintage Christmas Tree

№ 14 Quercus Suber

Vintage Botanical Prints

№ 15 Pilocarpus pinnatifolius

Vintage Medical Plants

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Chapter II

5 Beautiful Victorian Labels: What caught my attention online

I will continue with a combination of Nature and Vintage themes.

№ 1 Beautiful Cabbage Lady

Vintage Cabbage Lady

№ 2 Victorian Hand with Raspberries

Victorian Hand with Raspberries

№ 3 Apple Harvest

Vintage Apple Harvest

 № 4 Vintage Label

French Vintage Label

 № 5 Kids with cherries

Girl with charries

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