We admire the artists we represent and with whom we collaborate. Our goal is to serve our creative community and build strong, long-lasting relationships with our artists. Here are your TOP  most Frequently Asked Questions. Let’s keep the conversation going!


#1 Why do artists need to pay to be showcased by Bella Unica Art Gallery?

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Bella Unica is a for-profit business. We put long hours and dedication into promoting our artists (which costs far more than we charge) and are constantly growing our list and following.  This takes a lot of effort, time and expense. Artists benefit from this infrastructure and work, and save a great deal not having to pay for it themselves.  Also, throughout the year, Bella Unica hosts several art events, some of which are FREE to our artists.

#2 What is Bella Unica Art Gallery’s commission?

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The Gallery’s commission for artwork sold during an art show/event is 30% of the retail price. The Gallery pays the  Artist all proceeds due to the Artist within thirty (30) days in $US, and always after payment is received from a buyer.

#3 Why can’t artists exchange their personal information with visitors of a Bella Unica Art Gallery event and/or art show?

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We operate as a standard ART Gallery and our goal is to link our visitors and buyers to our website and events. It is our mission to sell the artwork of the artist we represent. If our buyers love your work, we want them to buy it from our gallery. We will post your Artist Bio and Photo on the website, and provide you with Bella Unica business cards you can use during and after the show. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where we look out for the artist’s best interest, and expect the same in return from our artists.

Do we make any exceptions? Absolutely! See #5!

#4 Does Bella Unica continue to represent the artist on your website after the art event? If so, do photos from the show stay on your website and for how long?

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It’s up to the artist. We usually recommend leaving your information on our website for at least 30 days. It’s beneficial for the artist and the gallery.

For example, The Vinoy visitors, during our weekly Art Fridays at The Vinoy, have a chance to revisit the website and place an order. At that moment, website representation is FREE for the artist; however, we still take our 30% commission from any sales. We also love to post, and share the images prior to the show. It helps us to promote the event and artist.

#5 Is it possible for the artist to post a link to their own website, FB page, Instagram or some other online presence within the artist’s area?

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The answer is Yes, it is possible. There is a certain criterion and it depends on our relationship with the artist. If the artist has a well-done website, complies with our standards and has a link to Bella Unica’s website stating their art is sold at our gallery, and wants us to share his or her information, we are all for it! Otherwise, read #3

And by the way… On Social Media, we follow back!

#6 How does Bella Unica promote their artists?

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We take a great care and provide high-quality representation for our artists. We always encourage the public to come to our events and meet the artists. We have different forms of representation: We use our website and social-media platforms to share the artist’s bio and their gallery. We also interview the artist for our website and newsletter, so we can share a more personal approach and artist insights with our followers and subscribers.

We also collaborate with one of the best Marketing and PR teams in Florida to help artists put together their marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind, most galleries are extremely restrictive; we are not as restrictive. However, at the end of the day, this must be a win-win for the artist and us, the gallery. We promote them and use many resources and time to create awareness and sell their work. And our artists see that, collaborate with us and love the extra care we give them – so, it’s always a win-win situation.

#7 Could you provide any reviews from other artists about your collaboration?

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You can see what other artists are saying here: CLICK HERE!

#8 Do you represent only established artists or is there room for new upcoming talent?

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Thank you for asking! We love to discover and showcase young and unknown artists. Please visit our special platform, Bella Unica’s Creative Farm to learn more and submit your artwork! CLICK HERE: BELLA UNICA CREATIVE FARM

#9 What is the best way to contact you?

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We love our email and FB Messenger! If you want to speak with us, please email us and schedule a call, or a meeting if you’re in the Tampa Bay area and prefer a good old-fashioned meet up! You can always visit us during one of our art events; however, it might be hectic if we are talking with potential buyers and art collectors.

By the way, we speak English, Spanish and Russian.

#10 Where can we find information on your upcoming events and call to artists?

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Stay connected with us! Subscribe to our news, follow our Social Media accounts!

#11 As a business, do you support any non-profit organizations or good causes?

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Yes, again! Our hearts are with children in need. We are strong advocates for Rapha House

Rapha House is a public-benefit, 501c3 nonprofit, committed to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. Founded in 2003, Rapha House continues to rescue and rehabilitate children, while bringing them to lasting freedom.