The Jade & Golden Leaf Pendant Necklace

W We have something special for you today! We invited Maegan Askew, the girl behind @bohemianproclivities to be part of our artisan team and share her love for unique Bohemian jewelry. She picked one of our necklaces by Italian jewelry designer, Patrizia Gelosa, and created a beautiful story around it! 

Maegan Askew

About the Designer

Italian artist, Patrizia Gelosa, reportedly draws her creative inspiration for design from years of traveling through the America and Asia. These global experiences have allowed her to produce a jewelry collection that truly runs the gamut of eclectic creativity.

From leaves to feathers to stacked turquoise rondelles, to chains, crystal points and art deco details!

Her collection also includes a pair of whimsical character necklaces that she lovingly refers to as “My Fashion BFF Pendants,” who come outfitted in heels and jeweled dresses, with purses in hand and at the ready. And while many pieces display a delicately feminine flair, others emit a more medieval shield maiden sort of ferocity – such as the raw crystal points, which seem to gracefully spring forth from brass bullet casings and the golden claw pendant grasping a pearl.

What all of these pieces DO have in common, however, is an undeniably magnetic personality!


Wearing Jade: A Blessing of Good Fortune

The necklace featured here is constructed of a pair of faceted jade gemstones, linked by a multitude of golden-plated accents that sparkle like sun-kissed dewdrops. The significantly longer chain length of 34” makes it an ideal layering piece.  The jade itself beckons the wearer like verdant foliage in the springtime, and due to the historical belief that this stone has a positive association with luck, wearing it makes you feel like you’ve been blessed with not only great style, but also good fortune. The inherent symmetry of the piece is hard to deny. Two jade stones, two dangling charms, two points of attachment for every player. The overall design of this pendant necklace is aesthetically pleasing and the textured circular component seems to offer a fresh organic style that easily satisfies a sense of classic design.


The History of Jade

For over 5,000 years, jade itself has been fashioned into not only gemstones, but also into utilitarian pieces, as well. In fact, because of its reported durability, some Mayan and Aztec cultures deemed it suitable for manufacturing of ax heads, weapons, and even tools for scraping and hammering. necklace-03

Soon thereafter, it was discovered that jade possessed the properties necessary to allow it to be polished to a brilliant luster, which is how talismans, sculptures and other ornamental objects came into being.

The English word jade has both French and Latin derivations, roughly translating to “flank/loin stone,” from its historical reputed efficacy in curing ailments of the kidneys.

Many centuries ago, along the southern leg of the Silk Road, yearly tribute payments consisting of the most precious jade were offered to the Chinese Imperial Court and there worked into objects d’art by skilled artisans, as jade had a status-value exceeding that of gold or silver. It became a favorite material for the crafting of Chinese scholars’ objects, such as rests for calligraphy brushes as well as mouthpieces of some opium pipes – reportedly due to the belief that breathing through jade would bestow longevity upon the smoker. China is now the world’s leading producer of jade objects.

Transitional Style

As initially expected, I was pleased to discover that this necklace easily transitions from day to night, seamlessly blending into whatever ensemble one has chosen for either a weekday of relaxed exploration or an evening dinner at an upscale restaurant or art gallery opening.

Against a mixed-pattern vintage background of multi-color hues, this necklace offers a sweet glimmer of coordinating delight.


Against a juxtaposed background of lacy black embroidery, it becomes a stand-alone contemporary statement piece after dark.


Embrace Your Inner Bohemian Goddess

As a self-proclaimed nature devotee (and urban Bohemian with eclectic taste), nothing excites me more than finding handmade jewelry pieces that allow me to honor the nature around me, through outward character expression.

I yearn for a timelessness that is oddly mesmerizing! An artful simplicity that exudes a sort of unspoken elegance. Gilded accents seem to be my true Achilles’ heel, but there is just something about subtle sparkles that truly have the ability to light up any day.

For a romance that lasts forever, may I suggest you start by discovering little luxuries which speak to your inner romantic. Assuage your hesitancy and adorn yourself in pieces that spark an ember of curiosity and imagination.

Encourage your own lifelong pursuit of a carefully curated collection of artisanal goods; because if done with an open mind and honest intentions, your inner Bohemian goddess will thank you!

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