Creative Farm. Not Your Typical ART SHOW.

Creative Farm. Not Your Typical ART SHOW.

Art lovers and collectors are always in search for something new, unique and inspiring.  We all love to be wowed by a piece of art we bring to our space and we want to see value. We also love to tell that special story about our unique find and be seen as an individual who supports artists.

If you are searching for that special piece, don’t disregard local art markets and emerging artists’ events. You will be surprised by what young, unknown talents can bring to the table. 

Here are some of examples of art and photography you could find at one of our Creative Farm Art Events.  This event was hosted on November 2nd. Artists had a chance not only to sell their pieces, but also got an oportunity to be discovered by local art influencers and collectors.

Colored Pensil. Drawing by Tricia Shamburger

“Await” by Tricia Shamburger. SOLD at The Creative Farm 

Acrylic on Canvas by Zaire Amhara Tafari

Acrylic Puring by Chelsea Heskett

Love in NY by Polina LebedevaLove in NY. Digital Drawing by Polina lebedeva

Ybor. Photography by Medina Karagic


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