Dee Perconti is a Florida based, collage artist whose focus is dramatic transformation. Her passion for change began when she was a child. She worked hard on recreating herself and is still evolving. She enjoys taking something plain and redoing it, until it shines. Redecorating and re-purposing gives her joy.

Dee takes her old paintings and rips, cuts, tears and combines them.  She takes something boring or plain, and gives it a new life.  Vibrant, completely changed, in-your-face emotional collages are born. The colors are explosive. They are unafraid, quirky, lush and totally transformed.  They have been given a do-over.


I make art to show how we are ever growing, changing, evolving and transforming. It’s a message of optimism and hope. Life is exciting, vibrant and full of second chances. That’s why I utilize my old paintings as do-overs. They have another opportunity to say something new and relevant. When I ripped up a still life from the past, it transformed into a statement. My collages have minds of their own.  They take me where they want to go. I can’t control them, which keeps me enthralled.

Dee Perconti