DIY Bracelet

T Today I decided to “dress up” my little Bella Unica charm, carefully made in “Painting with Fire Studio,” here in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. I love handmade jewelry and I’m happy to share my little project. 

I think we all have some old pieces of broken or out-of-fashion jewelry. While preparing our party and helping in the making a beautiful enameled charm, I decided to play with mine and create a bracelet. Since we are approaching the Holiday season and I wanted to stick with a joyful mood, I selected cold colors: blue, pink, gray, and added some pearls and crystals.

Moreover, since the main motif of the charm is fun and symbolic – The Tree of Life – I added a little silver tree and dragonfly. DIY Bracelet

Using my old bracelet, I placed my charm, beads and finds around it.

How to make a n artisan bracelet

Using my tools, I attached everything to the chain.

DIY Enamel Bracelet

How to make a simple bracelet

And here it is!

Bella Unica DIY Bracelet

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