Does Your Jewelry Make You One of the Crowd or Sets You Apart?

W We ascribe beauty to that which is simple, which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end, which stands related to all things, which is the mean of many extremes.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life

Looking at the world around me, I am amazed how much creativity, beauty and talent exists. Have you ever noticed that when you go shopping at the local mall or online, buying from name brands, it is extremely difficult to find something very special, unique and personal – lots of repetitive designs. If the design is fine, the material and quality are not the best. If the quality is fine, it usually is a cheap, made-in-China replica. Even the most luxurious brands can’t do anything about it. The trends are changing so fast, the phrase “…that’s so last month…” is no longer a joke.

That’s why when I see a piece of jewelry with a story behind it, and know how and why it was made, it becomes timeless – beyond all trends. A small treasure that’s very special for me. The best part is when I wear it, people always notice and I get many compliments that it brings me satisfaction. It’s amazing how people have an eye for authenticity and quality.

Here are few examples from my personal collection.

My husband bought these earrings from a local artist in Gulfport, Florida. It was a nice evening; the event was beautiful. There was lots of arts and crafts, life music and people enjoying the evening. A truly wonderful memory!

Glass Earrings

Glass Earrings

The artist was creating more original glass pieces right next to the booth, where his wife was selling their jewelry. We could see the entire process: how the glass changed under the fire; how the light reflected off the shiny surface. Absolutely breathtaking! I would not exchange them for any of the trendy mass-manufactured earrings at half the price.  And I guess men know quality for their ladies when they see it as well, as I was stopped on the street by ladies AND men asking me where I got them.

Amber Necklace

And this one came from my mom. Made from Baltic Amber. Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its honey-like color and natural beauty since ancient times. When I was younger, I loved holding it, playing with it and just admiring the uniqueness of every bead. If you have never owned a piece of Amber jewelry, you really need to try one – it’ll become one of your favorite. Amber jewelry is impossible to duplicate; each one is a unique creation.

Amber Jewelry

So next time you decide to buy a new piece of jewelry, ask yourself, “What story will it tell? Why would I wear it? If it doesn’t add to your personality and positions you as a free thinker, then why bother? Don’t be just one of the crowd…

Be uniquely beautiful!


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