I I love linen.  Few fabrics are timeless, breathable, comfortable and beautiful. When I see a dress or blouse made from linen, I can’t help myself – I need to buy it. It is the best investment in my wardrobe: timeless possibilities for wearing it, will always be in fashion, and the quality, look and feel is wonderful.  All that and it’s the eco-friendliest material on Earth.

Did you know, that Linen (flax) is a natural antiseptic?  If you wear it daily, it prevents skin diseases. Linen is an excellent thermal insulator.  In heat it will cool you down and it will warm you up in cold weather.

So today, I want to talk with you not only about linen, but also to touch on eco-fashion in general.

Eco-Friendly Fashion report

Some time ago, if you heard the terming eco-fashion or eco-friendly fashion – you would probably think of baggy and unattractive pieces (even etching) of clothing. You probably thought it would be uncomfortable to wear, but a small sacrifice for healthy clothing that is good for the soul. Well, you’d be wrong – today you find beautiful, comfortable designs that are all the rave and trend.

Pink Linen Blouse

So when you are looking for eco-friendly fashion, look for:

  • What fabric was it made from?
  • What’s the company’s statement on the environment?
  • Is the company willing to be transparent in their sustainability reports?
  • What are the working conditions of the people involved in production?
  • Where it was made?

Pink Linen Dress

When I found a Europe-based company, Russian Linen, I was happy that I could bring a limited collection to the US.  It’s a feminine and beautiful line, carefully crafted by a Russian team of designers.   They use 100% cotton and famous for their 100% stonewashed linen.  Apart from appearances, stonewashing also helps to increase the softness and flexibility of the rigid fabric. This technology softens the pure linen and loosens the weave, resulting in the washed linen to have a slightly faded fabric with a nice vintage feel with dyed colors. The garment has a more casual and comfortable look, which becomes trendy and sought after.


They also have a nice line of Home décor items, you can see them at world-famous shows like PITTI UOMO e PITTI IMMAGINE CASA (Florence, Italy), SALONE NAUTICO (Genoa), MACEF (Milan, Italy), MAISON ET OBJET (Parise, France), IL SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE E DEL COMPLEMENTO D’ARREDO (Italy, Milan).

The uniqueness of each garment is balanced by tradition, is currently in fashion and the vision of the creative team.  If you don’t own any clothes made from linen, your wardrobe will be thankful for one!

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