W We are slowly but surely saying goodbye to the most mystical and colorful season, and saying hello to white and joyful winter. Here are my top picks for Fall-inspired artworks.

Fall in Contemporary Art
What caught my attention!

Fall by American Artists

Stephanie Schlatter has traveled the world, drawing inspiration from journeys in Mexico, Italy, and Ethiopia. But her heart and home are grounded in Michigan. She has studied art locally and abroad, while maintaining a studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Fall River View was painted on location and in plein air inside Acadia National Park in Maine.

Fall RiverFall River View. Oil on panel.

Fall in Leelanau. Fall in Leelanau was painted at Krumwiede Forest Reserve, a Leelanau Conservancy Protected Land.

schlatter-leelanau-paintingFall in Leelanau. Oil painting on panel.

Crystal River in Fall was painted from photos of the Crystal River in Glen Arbor, Michigan. This area is protected by the Leelanau Conservancy and the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Crystal RiverCrystal River in Fall. Oil on panel. 

Mike Doyle. California based artist. His inspiration comes from nature. The colors and dimensions are alive with dimensional beauty.

Waterwheel. A study in detail and monotones, with a highlight.

Fall Art by Mike DoyleWaterwheel. Acrylic on canvas.

Autumn Layers. A study in layering and arranging colors to generate a feeling of Autumn.

Autumn Layers Autumn Layers. Acrylic on canvas.

Trailhead. This painting was inspired by Crace Marie photography.

TrailheadTrailhead. Acrylic on canvas.

Fall by Russian Artists

Vladimir Volosov. Artist works in a style that he defines as “lyrical realism.” His work has an amazing sense of light and harmony.

Autumn Lace is full of colors and beautiful light.

autumn laceAutumn Lace. Oil on canvas. 

You can feel how fresh and crisp the air in the woods are on an Autumn Morning.

Autumn MorningAutumn Morning. Oil on canvas.

Stanislav Brusilov. This Moscow-born artist’s artwork is held in museums and private collections around the world.

Here is his version of Autumn Morning. I guess there is something magical about the golden leaves in the morning light.

Autumn Morning Autumn Morning. Oil on canvas.

Fall by Chinese Artists

Tinyan Chan’s unique painting style combines a compelling blend of Western and Asian aesthetics. Tinyan’s energetic, impressionistic style and fearless use of brilliant colors, reflect the diverse cultural influences of his life.

Gentle Autumn Breeze. Colorful spots of light and beautiful contrast between dark cold waters and vibrant Fall leaves.

gentle-autumn-breeze Gentle Autumn Breeze. Oil on canvas.

Into The Autumn Woods brings in all the spectrums of color.

into-the-autumn-woodsInto The Autumn Woods. Oil on canvas.

Fall by Australian Artists

Graham Gercken was born in Queensland Australia in 1960, but was drawn to spend most of his life in the “World Heritage listed Blue Mountains,” west of Sydney. This region, with its natural beauty was Graham’s inspiration to become a Landscape Artist.

Tumut River Colours.

Tumut River ColoursTumut River Colours. Oil on canvas.

Fall by Italian Artists

Nicola De Benedictis was born in Bari, Italy, in 1950. His artistic career began in 1968, when he started to explore the multiple realms of the art world. After a few years of self-teaching, he became a student of the painter Catani, and in 1970 his dream of becoming a professional painter became reality.

Village In The Valley is a very soft and interesting mixed-media painting.

Village in the ValleyVillage In The Valley. Mixed Media.

Fall by Dutch Artists

Karin Gubler is a Switzerland-born, Netherlands-based artist. She started as an acrylic painter 15 years ago, but recently switched to watercolor.

“After my mother’s death, 1.5 years ago (she was a watercolor artist in Switzerland), I took her paint and brushes with me to Arizona and did my first painting there – and have not stopped since. I also made a few acrylic paintings since then, but watercolor is my favorite for its transparency and lightness.”

Yellow Birches.

Yellow BirchesYellow Birches. Watercolor and ink.

Lindis Pass.

Lindis PassLindis Pass. Watercolor and ink.


Autumn Autumn. Mixed Media.

Fall by South African Artists

Carla Bosch. The warmth and cheerfulness of her landscapes, coastal and street scenes are true to Carla’s vibrant personality and her giving nature is evident in her liberal use of bright colors. She loves painting plein air and is equally at home in her studio, where Carla prefers to use images more as reference points rather than images to paint exact replicas from.

Autumn Farm in the Overberg.

Autumn Farm in the OverbergAutumn Farm in the Overberg. Acrylic. 

Cape Dutch Farm in Autumn.

Cape Dutch Farm in AutumnCape Dutch Farm in Autumn. Acrylic.

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