HELMUT PREISSArt by Helmut Preiss

Helmut Preiss was born in 1941, in Vienna, Austria. He attended the Academy of Art, Vienna at the age of 16. As you look at his work, you will see the influence of his fine classic training, as well as the metamorphosis to his own revolutionary and personal style.

He was influenced by the “old masters,” such as Franz Hals, Roger Van Der Weyden, Vermeer, Bosch and Duerer; as well as by the techniques of the Impressionists. His admiration with Dalí and Picasso also play a role in his later style.


Museums: Museum of Modern Art Vienna, Austria, Museum of Art Salzburg, Austria, Museum of Art Wiesbaden, Germany, Museu of Art Lichtenstein, National Bank Vienna, Austria, Sparkasse Vienna, Austria, Huebner;s Castle Vienna, Austria, Holocaust Museum St. Petersburg, Florida USA.