Artisan Enamel Earrings

I It’s actually easy to incorporate artisan jewelry into your everyday casual outfits. Here are a few examples how you can wear our favorite Enamel Azalea Earrings, by Florida based jewelry artist, Laura Albright. 

What I love about these is they’re lightweight, look like pure glass when the sun hits them and are adorned with semiprecious stones, pearls and glass beads. Oh…. and the price is absolutely fantastic!


Wear them when the weather is nice and cool, with your favorite sweater, jeans and sneakers.  Neutral colors are never boring.


Bring some sunshine. Everything looks gorgeous with white.

Elegant beige and burgundy: warm and sophisticated.

If you own one of these, email us your photo, share your ideas on how to wear them and we will be happy to post your photo on our Social Media.

Pick Your Azalea Earrings HERE!

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