Inspiration for your garden by Bella Unica

I If you have a backyard or small balcony (assuming you live in an apartment or flat), it’s truly a part of your home. The outside is just as important as the inside. After all, if you are going to spend the majority of your time there, it might as well be a little slice of heaven.

A yard or balcony is what we make it, so why not a serene paradise.  It can be a special, quiet place for renewal, devotion or meditation, and relaxation.  The perfect spot to read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a friend, or a fun gathering space for creating memories with friends and family.

Today, I want to take you to a great place that inspired me: the Annual Flower Festival in Aibonito, Puerto Rico.
Dreaming of my Tropical Garden

Every summer, up in the mountains of Puerto Rico, in the pueblo of Aibonito, the Annual Flower Festival takes place. It’s the largest flower exhibition on the island! It features beautiful plant displays and floral arrangements. You can buy gorgeous and unique tropical plants, get inspired by the local artists and of course, enjoy the best local music and amazing, zesty Puerto Rican cuisine. We definitely did!  And if you have kids, there are plenty of fun rides, games and sweets.

It takes place either at the end of June or beginning of July (this year it was during the 4th of July weekend). From San Juan, it’s about a 90-minute drive and cost only $5 per person. You can’t get more of a bargain for something to do in such a marvelous place.

As far as entertainment goes, well, they trucked out the island’s legendary band, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.  I didn’t expect all that for $5! We were caught by surprise, and were very lucky to experience a dancing and singing fest like I’ve not seen before.  Puerto Ricans are very musical and festive people. El Gran Combo put on a spectacular performance!

Here are some pics to share with you!

1. Keep it simple

The ceramic jar gives a nice Mediterranean look and feel. It looks like you put little to no effort into your landscaping; as if it was always there—people will think your grandma came to visit you and left it there by accident.  Also, if you add a jar with warm colors and tribal ornaments, your backyard will have a nice African touch.  What I like about it – all climates are welcome!

Inspiration for your garden by Bella Unica

2. Birds of paradise

Heliconias, etlingeras, alpinias to throw into the mix.  Definitely a tropical paradise—a great splash of colors!

Inspiration for your garden by Bella Unica

3. Japanese Garden

Serenity and calmness. Great place for meditation.

Inspirations for your garden by Bella Unica

4. One of my favorite

For those of us to whom God never gave a green thumb. Just kidding. Great idea to create your little garden using rocks and simple plants or grass.

Inspirations for your garden by Bella Unica

5. Neat Idea

Mix and match garden pillows, vases and candles. Great for a romantic evening or a place to gather with friends and family.

Inspirations for your garden by Bella Unica

6. A little waterfall and white orchids—always a winner!

Inspirations for your garden by Bella Unica

7. My mom would be so impressed!

Creative way to display your love for veggies.

8. Simply beautiful!

Bright little flowers in a ceramic pot.

Inspirations for your garden by Bella Unica

9. Roses can add a nice and gentle touch to your garden.

Aibonito, PR


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