Laura Interview

W When artists open their studios for us, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude and admiration!  It’s a trust not shared lightly – to be allowed into the inner place of creativity. An artist’s studio is special; it’s where magic begins and beauty is born. Today we were honored to be invited to the studio of Jewelry Artist, Laura Albright.

Laura, how did you become a jewelry artist?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed being outdoors. My family went on many camping trips, spent hours on the water, fishing and crabbing, and I went to a sleep-away camp in the mountains. I also spent many of my childhood years with my mom: gathering seaweed, freezing banana peels and finding hidden gems in junk yards that she used in her ceramics. I didn’t realize until later how calm and serene I truly felt being in the great outdoors. I started to understand how these activities gave me a strong appreciation for the beauty in nature.

Laura Interview

I moved from the Washington D.C. area to St. Pete, to finish my degree in Finance at USF. While attending school, and even after graduation, I worked for my mom’s jewelry-making and torch-fired enameling business. I was able to utilized my knowledge in marketing and finance, while being in a creative atmosphere. However, it wasn’t until later I realized how much of an influence being around different mediums of art and artists throughout my life had on my transitioning into jewelry making.

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Laura's Studio

Laura Albight in her studio

When my mom was expanding into the medium of lost-wax casting, I immediately took interest. I started seeing how I could use objects in nature to make a piece of art. I was able to find a way to transform the feeling of positivity and serenity of nature into a piece of art that others could cherish as well. As we were creating in this medium, we were still procuring machinery and supplies. I was instantly intrigued when one of our finds came with a big machine that could transform nature into metal. I started taking objects home from dog walks or looking at my surroundings in a different light gardening. My first piece of electro-formed jewelry was from a rose leaf my husband had given me. I formed it into a ring.

Laura at her studio

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What is your mission?

My mission, and I feel my true calling, is to inspire others; whether through my jewelry, design, process, images or writing. I want each person to have a connection with one of my creations – that they feel like they are inspiring others to want to wear something that can’t be replicated. I hope they feel the jewelry they wear reminds them of their unique fashion sense and style.

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When you buy a piece of jewelry or décor, what is your main focus?

I love handcrafted, timeless pieces. Our home is full of unique items of handmade furniture. It’s important for me that what I bring into my life has a story to tell.

Laura's cat

Where do you find your inspiration?

I have discovered that nature is where I’m the most peaceful and find my inspiration. Through the techniques of electro-forming and lost-wax casting, I’m able to use organic materials (such as clay, leaves, sticks, shells, etc.) to make wearable art. As you look through my work, you’ll find nature either as the main focal point, finding or inspiration in each piece of jewelry.

Laura Albright Jewelry

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