Colorful Indian Elephants and More

I Inspiration comes to us from many different places: people we meet, places we visit, colors of  nature we enjoy all year long, stories we remember and music we hear.

Today, I had the pleasure to meet with a Florida-based artist named Karen Porter and learned what inspires her. She’s an artist, illustrator, teacher and a very beautiful person. If you’re ever in historical downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, visit Karen’s studio on the second floor of The Art Lofts.

I am truly excited for Bella Unica to collaborate with such a talented person. Not to mention that I am a big fan of her India Inspired Elephants Collection.

Interview with Karan Porter

Karen, what inspires you?

I am inspired most by the exquisite color and detail of the artwork of master artisans and craftsmen of the Arts and Crafts movement.  Artisans such as Louis Comfort Tiffany, William Morris, William de Morgan, and Peter Carl Faberge.  These artists believed, as I do, that everyone should be able to own “little jewels.”  I admire their level of dedication and the painstaking development of, and love, of their craft. Those artists took a nod from the romance of the renaissance artists and the art styles of Asia—particularly the art of India.

What is the backstory of your elephants’ collection?

It was in studying the works and designs of these master artists that my elephant collection began.  I am drawn to the endless spiral fractal patterns of nature—inspired art of India, the Paisleys and Lotus—vine patterns that present a continuing delight to arouse the imagination.  Our eyes love to see patterns, and more so when those patterns are infused with bright and vivid colors, which are innate in the art of India.

The elephant collection was born of my endeavor to merge my passion for animals with the art style I love.  What better ‘canvas’ to display my Indian art than the noble Asian elephant? Elephants represent gentle, humble souls who are as devoted to family and tribe as any human. Even more so. My personal message is to try and convey a sense that we should also strive to live as a humble, beautiful, human tribe.

Karan Porter Painting

Blue Elephant

3 Elephants

How do you select the pieces of decor that goes into your home? Are there any qualities you’re especially attracted to?

When I am buying accessories, or home decor, I look for unique designs made with obvious care and attention to detail. I want them to reflect my personal inspirations and flair for the creative.  And I always seek to find the fabric or items that remind me of “little jewels.”  I take pleasure in knowing that in my personal life, and my home, I can treat myself and my guests like royalty, with objects of desire and beauty to behold and capture the imagination. Never boring and run of the mill for me.


What is your latest exciting project?

My next exciting project includes illustrating a book with African elephants. Also, I am working with the Audubon Society to raise awareness for the shorebirds in our local area, which are impacted by global climate change.  I hope to always be able to brighten the local culture, and thus, the world at large by creating art that inspires me and brings the joy of ‘little jewels’ to my human tribe.

paint brushes


To Buy Karen’s Elephants, CLICK HERE!

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