LINDA ROBERTSCollage by Linda Roberts

Few artists can excel at many mediums. They may do well at one or two, but to excel at four five, well that is close to being a phenom. Linda Roberts is one of those rare artists. Her journey to such an eclectic and diverse work of art is fascinating and fun.


Monotype Prints: I am fascinated by the world of cultural symbols and icons and the many meanings they possess over the ages. I like to transfer this imagery into a narrative story or a dream-like state.

Symbols give ordinary things a larger dimension and express concepts such as love, fertility, immortality, bebirth, power, hope, joy, courage, and protection. I use animal symbols frequently in my work such as the lion and dragon. Fairytales and folklore have a strong influence on my visual language. My desire is to tell a story or take a journey into a land of fantasy.