What is the Lover’s Eye Locket

What is the Lover’s Eye Locket

Popularized in the court of late-eighteenth-century England, lover’s eyes (lockets, charms or any jewelry with an image of a lover’s eye encased) were secret tokens of affection without revealing the lover’s identity. The eye would only be recognized by the recipient, balancing discretion with seduction.

While all jewelry is personal, the locket adds an intimate facet – the most personal of all.

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Naples, Florida-based artist, Lauren Amalia Redding, works primarily in silverpoint, a medium more anachronistic than lover’s eyes themselves, wherein a piece of silver wire is used to make marks. The tiny silverpoint drawings in each locket are reflective themselves, shimmering as their locket casings shine. These lover’s eye lockets make an apropos and bespoke gift for engagements, weddings and anniversaries.

A graduate of the New York Academy of Art, Lauren lived and worked in New York City for nearly ten years, exhibiting her drawings and publishing her writing nationally.
In 2018, she relocated to Southwest Florida to open her own art studio with her husband – sculptor, Brett F. Harvey.

Lover’s Lockets. Eyes by Lauren A. Redding
Lover’s Lockets. Noses by Lauren A. Redding

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