MARIAN TAGLIARINO Marian_Tagliarino_Photographer

For over 30 years the Tampa Bay area has been home to American photographer and photo collage artist, Marian Tagliarino. Marian’s new project Human Landscape: The Beach is a collection of images that explore how we as humans affect our natural landscape, our planet and ultimately our relationship with each other and how we, in turn, are affected by our landscape.


The Beach is the first in the new series. The beach is a universal escape from our worries and a place to relax, be ones self. The beach as a place where people set up a microcosm of their world for a day or a few hours to witness the grandeur of nature and renew.

We all have this in common. Sometimes, as we go through our daily lives, we fail to see our shared human condition, our commonality and our need for respect, love, security, hope, peace, joy and renewal and beauty.

Human Landscape. The Beach. Marian Tagliarino