Wabi-Sab Jewelry

T There’s something holistic and beautiful about seeing raw material – especially stones. I’ve always loved raw, semiprecious stones and crystals – when you can see what it looked like, before the jewelry designer applied his or her creative liberty. It truly gives you an appreciation for skill, artistry and nature.

When I met a jewelry master from the South Ural Mountains (which is in Russia), I fell in love with the way he took a stone or crystal, and preserved nature’s creation. He would only add to the beauty, but not change it.

One day, while hiking through the mountains, he found a pair of natural crystals and designed a pair of earrings reflecting the magnificence of nature. Here master jeweler and Mother Nature became co-creators of this beautiful pair of earrings – truly an original to own.

Raw Crystals


He based all his work on Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi. Wabi–sabi represents a Japanese view, centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is described as the beauty of imperfection, of being incomplete.
Every piece, whether a ring, pendant or pair of earrings is uniquely beautiful, and has an organic look and feel. The creative process flows around the stone, taking all aspects of its imperfection to ensure it’s not hindered or encumbered.

Druzy Ring Set
The choice of stones is very important. For example, in our collection, you will find beautiful druzy Sunestone. Sunstones, which is used widely in Lithotherapy (ancient medicine that uses stones to balance and harmonize the body). They have a positive effect on the various energy centers of the human body and its flow.

Raw Amethysts and crystals are very powerful in their quiet beauty as well. They assist in overcoming emotional burdens by synchronizing the heart and the intellect, helping one to uncover hidden love.


Charoite is an incredible stone of Violet Ray, with an almost tangible movement of energy flowing in magnificent swirls and eddies of violet, lavender and purple. It is a rare and complex stone; one of nature’s best dream stones and illuminators, allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present, and opening spiritual guidance for the future. [www.crystalvaults.com]

Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite brings spiritual and intellectual harmony.

Green Garnet

Raw Green Garnet. The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. They are believed to enhance creative, financial, artistic and emotional wealth.


Be unique, shop consciously, embrace your own inner creativity.

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