Fishermen Villa at Sunset by Jose Oscar Torres Pereyra

Fishermen Villa at Sunset by Jose Oscar Torres Pereyra

Stories behind art are fascinating. Artists use their brushes, paint, canvases and tools to create stories like writers use a pen and paper. Here artists reveal the inspiration behind their masterpieces. It’s a rare opportunity to not guess but hear how the work was born first hand.  

One Artist. One Story

Jose was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1967. Torres Pereyra completed his Bachelor degree (Magna cum laude) in Graphic Arts from the School of Fine Art of San Juan, Puerto Rico. As an important component of his artistic development, José felt the need to break away from the woodcut limitations to be able to express his vision of reality in a more authentic way. With that in mind, he incorporates a new woodcarving technique that verges on sinetism and allows the creation of images where drawing, painting and engraving merge on the wooden plate.

The work of José Oscar Torres is a work of fine art, that for its singularity, transverses the traditional graphic boundaries.

“The art work of José Oscar Torres possesses the power of multiple projections of graphics… His works emit optical vibrations that may very well have sonorous power…”
José Antonio Pérez Ruíz, Art Critic

Fishermen VIlla at Sunset is a xylography, wood carving on a piece of mahogany wood. In his work, the artist celebrates his beautiful island. When he was a child, he would go to the laguna in the afternoon, after a long day at sea where the fishermen gathered. You can see the conversations of the day. They would exchange plans for the following day. Beautifully simple everyday life. The sun is setting and the entire village is covered with all the shades of warm orange and yellow reflecting off the water.