Art by Wynston Gearhart

Wynston Gearhart is a diverse artist with the unique style and story: working in a variety of mediums from oil, pastels, fabricated metals to holography.

N.V. : Wynston, what’s your story; how did you become an artist?

W.G.: I have been a self-trained artist from earliest childhood.  I’ve been creative from birth, choosing to communicate in little drawings rather than spoken words for much of my early youth.  The human eyeball is something I started drawing at about 3.  I would fold them up and give them to people. I think I was a very weird little girl.

Ironically, forbidden from practicing art in childhood, I pursued business in college.  A life changing accident took my 20’s behind my peers in professions; I became an entrepreneur finding my niche in tilt-wall industrial concrete construction.  I opened new frontiers as one of the first women to not just own a company on paper, but rather, to pour industrial concrete slabs and erect tilt wall panels.  This career culminated over 20 years with my becoming the national concrete adviser for both new construction and maintenance to several “nationals,” including The Home Depot and Costco. It takes a lot for a 90-lbs. woman to convince a lot of men to try a new path. It took 150-200,000 miles per year of driving from job-site to job-site, 7 days a week, in a different hotel each night. I missed all the weddings and birthdays of my friends, and in many ways it has made me live a very solitary life.

Art by Wynston Gearhart

I am first a sculptor, but that type of work is not easily portable, so I began to paint seriously.  Throughout my entire adult life, I have maintained and produced in my own studios, but rarely have I shown my work.  When I did, for example, in the NOW ART gallery in Hollywood, FL, I sold out.  But, being self-supporting, I was obligated to leave at 3:00 a.m. the following morning and check out a crack in a slab somewhere, out of town, so I never had the time to pursue the arts.

The recession ended my career in construction, in 30 days flat.  I lasted four years, working three of those in the publishing industry, but in starting my 2nd year of unemployment, I actually went homeless.  I went to San Francisco, because I knew it would be one of the few places someone such as myself could resurrect.  And I did.  I illustrated and published the very successful book, Birke On The Farm for author, Birk Baehr, a children’s book on sustainable farming and organic eating.  I returned to Hollywood to continue the project and produce art full-time.

N.V. : Who are your favorite artists: both well-known and unknown? Why?

W.G. : It’s so very hard to just choose 2 and I’ve never studied art history, but I can be quoted as feeling as though I am the daughter of Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo.  But I love Sergeant, Thomas Hart Benton, Henri Rousseau, Canova …

N.V.: What inspires your creations?

W.G.: It is truly my own reaction to anything and nothing in the world as I encounter it in this skin that has walked this path.  It’s as though I can’t just paint a sunset or sweet landscape, it has to “say” something.  Much of the hidden and obvious references are inspired by the force of Nature and relationships between all living creatures.

N.V.: Has there ever been a major event or experience in your life that influenced a certain piece; and if so, what was the experience and which piece?

W.G. : Every painting is from my own experience.  The painting Golden Girl  represents me at a pinnacle in life.

Wynston Gearhart Artist

Uxmal was a moment of deep, perfect love in a true garden of Eden.

Wynston Gearhart Artist

Up in Smoke was the tale of a bad choice, wasted beauty.

Wynston Gearhart Artwork

The Irony series are a direct reaction to my experience in life.

The Irony by Wynston Gearhart


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