PAT WHIDDEN-GREENPat Whidden-Green Artist

Pat Green is a 5th generation Florida native. Pat is a University of Florida graduate and has a BA degree in Art Education. Her media of choice includes Golden acrylic on canvas but also watercolor and oils. While at the University of Florida, she was influenced by Dali’s surrealism, Pollock’s “dribbles” and the Renaissance era’s complex compositions as well as abstracts by other mid-century artists.

Pat’s art represents the diversity of her influences. Her art is fascinating.  


As a Florida artist, I am inspired by the majesty of our brightly colored skies, dramatic sunsets, rare birds and natural beauty of our flat landscapes.  Most images in my paintings mimic these natural colors and shapes.  I outline with black for dramatics.  My painting styles include: Contemporary Realism and Non-Objective Abstract.

Dali’s Surrealism heavily influences me.  Some of my compositions are created by my imagination of incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter.  My perception of depth and the human figure are omnipresent in my paintings.  I enjoy the complex that is reflected in the restlessness of my mind.