Marlena Rovetto

B Bella Unica is always on the lookout for unknown artists that create beautiful crafts, jewelry, décor, fashion or art – and introducing them to you. This year, we met a talented ceramic artist, Marlena Rovetto, at the annual Creative Clay Art Folkfest, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Marlena, while very young, has over 10 years’ experience and her creations reflect the nuance beyond her years. She started at the tender-young age of 11-years old.

“I love pottery and always want to continue with it; however, I just can’t possibly keep all of this artwork I am producing. When I first started, I couldn’t help but want to keep every piece for myself, and put it to use – I was attached! Though as time went on, I grew quite a collection! I am finally at the point where I am ready to pass on the joy my pieces give me to others, as I grow my childhood hobby into a business.”


What is pottery for you?

Pottery is special to me, because unlike painting or drawing, I am able to take my three-dimensional art and functionally use them in everyday life. It’s always gratifying to be able to serve up dinner on a plate I made, or even display a bouquet of flowers in my handcrafted vase. There is just something special about these handmade pieces, rather than your average store-bought, machine-made items.

I love the feeling I get when someone’s interested in my work and takes it home as a unique, yet affordable, piece of art.

Pottery Making

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration mainly comes from the knowledge that the more I do, the better I’ll be and the more I will learn. I am the type of artist that feels fulfilled to be “self-taught.” Having been admitted to the best university in the country for fine ceramic art, I left. There were various reasons I did so, but the most prevalent was I would rather be practicing and learning on my own – wanting to be self-made.

This has led to me running my own bisque and glaze firings right in my back yard. It inspires me that I have a talent for this art. Moreover, there’s a satisfaction in knowing my beautiful pieces can be used in homes all across the world, on a daily basis.

Pottery Art

When you buy furniture or décor for your home, what’s your main focus?

When buying decor, I mostly focus on neutral color palettes, the uniqueness of the piece and, sometimes, functionality. I’m always finding new ways to work my ceramics into our everyday lifestyle.

Bella Unica Ceramic

What about jewelry and clothes?

With clothes and jewelry, I naturally prefer earthy tones – I LOVE gold! But mostly, as a potter, I’m working with clay 90% of the time; so I can’t always wear the most fashionable clothes.

What are your future plans?

I’m embarking on the journey of pursuing my dream. I hope to one day open a studio, similar to the one I attended as a child, so I can teach others the joy of the lost art of pottery.

Marlena Pottery


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