Debbie Bright

Artist Debbie Bright

Debbie is a long time resident of St. Petersburg Florida. Debbie is a self-taught artist that has been mentored by Judi Dazzio and many other talented artists at Dazzio Art Society in the Art District of St Petersburg FLorida.

Casino Royal by Debbie BrightDebbie is an eclectic artist, paints with bright colors, and incorporates texture when needed. She likes to take an ordinary subject and turn it into something extraordinary by use of color and design. She paints not because she wants to but because she has to. When applying paint to canvas, something inside her comes alive. It can be as beautiful as a sunset or as chaotic and a storm.

“My new Whimsical Steampunk Collection was created in 2018 as to put a smile on your face! What is Whimsical Steampunk? This is a fun fantasy of art that incorporates technology and design, found objects and cogwheels of gears.”

Debbie Bright is a signature member of the International Society of the Acrylic Painters – Florida (ISAP-FL) and has participated at many local benefits, art shows and events.

Debbie’s work has been exhibited at:

  • The Exquisite Corpse Games 2019, St. Petersburg, FL – 2019
  • The Gilbert Chapel Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL – 2019
  • Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events Solo Show at the Vinoy, St. Petersburg, FL – 2019
  • Global Day of Discovery at The Vinoy – May 16, 2019
  • ISAP FL – 2012-15
  • Hope House – 2013
  • Tranquil Shores – 2013
  • Dancers for Cancer – 2012