Dee Perconti

Photo credit: Bella Unica Art Gallery

Dee Perconti is a mixed-media artist whose focus is transformation. She is a regular at Bella Unica Art shows at The Vinoy where she does interactive collages with the guests. You could see her work at the most prestigious art events and galleries, such as Annual Renaissance Global Day of Discovery, Art, Fashion and Spirits @artfashionandspirits, Mirella Cimato at Opera Central, The Gilbert Chapel Gallery, The Carrollwood Cultural Center and many others. Her work is in national and international private collections. Dee’s Art is always evolving.

One of her favorite memories is of a sweet college roommate who woke up in the morning looking like someone’s homely little brother.  Her figure had no shape, her eyes were small and squinty, she had thin lips and limp hair. Then the transformation began! Before Dee’s eyes, this young girl put in contact lenses, bronzed her face, drew full lips and teased her hair into a splendid mane. And somehow, she got curves  She went on to win beauty contests and was a TV spokesperson for an airline.

So the fascination with dramatic transformation was reinforced.

This has translated into her art. Dee takes her old paintings and rips, cuts, tears and combines them. She takes something boring or plain, and gives it a new life. Vibrant, completely changed, in-your-face emotional collages are born. The colors are explosive. They are unafraid, quirky, lush and totally transformed. They have been given a do-over.