Queen of Apocalipsis by Alicia Campos

Queen of Apocalipsis by Alicia Campos

Stories behind art are fascinating. Artists use their brushes, paint, canvases and tools to create stories like writers use a pen and paper. Here artists reveal the inspiration behind their masterpieces. It’s a rare opportunity to not guess but hear how the work was born first hand.  

One Artist. One Story

Alicia Campos is a teaching artist and social entrepreneur, dedicated 100% to her art and teaching. Alicia founded Happy Industries in 2011 in New York, inspired on the one hand, by her son’s artistic talents, and on the other, by the growing demand of her artwork.

The artist graduated with a BS in Psychology in Mexico D.F. and specialized in Art Therapy from Endicott College. Additionally, Alicia studied her Masters in Educational Technologies at Harvard and taught Spanish for several years at Harvard University, New York University, UPenn among other universities.

Queen of Apacalisis by Alicia CamposQueen of Apocalipsis by Alicia Campos. 24″ x 24″, Acrylic

“I started this painting when we had to stay home in Tampa for COVID-19 quarantive. I canceled all my classes, art shows were canceled and… I started following the news about the coronavirus. My family is in Spain, so I was getting news of the tragedy. I call this piece in Greek, βασίλισσα της αποκάλυψης or Queen of Apocalipsis.

Talk about chaos and the power of nature that goes against our will. I love graffiti and this was a great moment to do some graffiti in the background to contrast the figure in the front which is more classic and serious.

I love retro-surrealism, and my latest work is about retro-surrealism. Surrealism is a movement of women, forgotten women like Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington who were at the head of it.  And, because of these talented and brave women, female artists today find inspiration and courage to create.”

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