Simple Object: Azalea Earrings

I I can’t believe it’s September and I tell you what… Fall has never felt and looked so good! When I think about Fall, I think about nice rich colors: earthly greens, warm oranges, golds, deep blues… They can warm up the most grey and rainy day, and bring some fun to any outfit.

Today’s OBJECT is Enamel Azalea Earrings. The first time I saw these, it took me some time to understand how they were made. Depending on the light, they can look like matte glass, ceramic or as a colorful piece of metal. Afterwards, I learned that the Technique the artist used is called “Enameling,” the process of fusing glass to metal.

And what I love the most about them is their story. To make these earrings, Florida-based artist, Laura Albright, used a torch to fuse glass to metal with Thompson Enamel colors. In front of her house were brilliant pink azaleas that are only in bloom a couple of months out of the year. The brushes are a beautiful shade of green that make the pink flowers pop. She wanted to make a pair of flower earrings that emphasized more of the backdrop of the bush.

We have these not only in pink, but in different beautiful colors. They are also adorned with a variety of jade, glass and pearl beads.

Flower Earring

Fall Earrings

Earrings and silk scarf

Earrings for Fall

Plum Earrings

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