Black Crystal Pendant

B Black is a powerful color. It goes with every outfit, from casual to dressy. Today, I want to show you a simple yet beautiful piece of jewelry – Smoky Quartz Pendant. 

Smoky Quartz was known as the Stone of Power. In the realm of dark stones, Smoky Quartz offers a rare and beautiful transparency that draws light into shades of black and brown. It utilizes various shades of black to deepen our connection to the physical, natural world. It brings power and strength, relieving fears specifically associated with our physical existence here on Earth. Black crystals offer protection and a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies. []

Smoky Quartz Pendant

Crystals are so fascinating and beautiful, no wonder they were chosen as the main theme in numerous fashion shows.



You can wear your black crystal as a single piece or in layers, mixing and matching with your other jewelry.

Black Crystal Pendant

In the photo below, I picked “Smoky Quartz” Pendant from Laura Albright’s Collection and mixed it with a necklace I found in a local shop. Go through your jewelry box and see what you can match your crystal with.


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