Artisan Silver Ring

T This winter, we choose silver.  A classic, beautiful and elegant look can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of gold or platinum. This is especially true when you travel this Holiday Season, wanting to look fabulous and unique in several different outfits. 

Did you know that the major countries which produce silver are The United States, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Russia and Australia?! Initially, sterling silver was used to make coins. Early Norman sterling silver pennies were typically imprinted with small stars, so many believe the word “sterling” came from the Old English word “steorling,” meaning “with a little star.” It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that sterling silver really became popular for jewelry, later making its mark on Art Nouveau design and modern fashion. []

So this holiday season, don’t just give silver, but give an original design no one else will have. Make it a Bella Unica Christmas!

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artisan statement silver rings

Artisan Silver Ring

Be unique, shop consciously, embrace your own inner creativity.

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