R Rings have a special place in our lives. In ancient times, signet rings decided one’s station.  Rings mark rites of passage like graduations. Rings symbolize the union of marriage.  So when one chooses a ring, the choice says a lot about the person. Laura Albright, a Jewelry Artist, creates unique and timeless pieces.

The Ring

A word from Artist, Laura Albright

I’m from Maryland.  In the fall, leaves start changing color to beautiful shades of yellow, red, and orange. When I rediscovered this vintage glass stone, I became nostalgic for those beautiful warm colors.  Now that I live in Florida, a Maryland fall, with its cool, low-humidity days, is a season I particularly miss.  And the color of the stone is also perfect for Spring, as the golden amber is the color of sunflowers; therefore, one could get more use as an accessory to their wardrobe.

The vintage glass is set in a depression made by a Sea Grape seed I picked up while walking the dogs.  When I stepped on the seed and saw that with some work it could be a very unique setting, my mind was flooded with ideas!  The texture on the sides of the ring reminds me of when the bark of a tree starts to wrinkle back, creating bubbles and lines in the wood.

This ring represents a blend of the old and the new… the splendor of fall colors from my past… and the seed of the Sea Grape that grows prolifically here in St. Pete and in the tropics.  It’s Fall meets Spring!

Be unique, shop consciously, embrace your own inner creativity.

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