White Ceramic Vase in Decor

W We are surrounded by stuff. Our home is full of things we bought consciously or subconsciously. We have dishes for everyday use and some only for special occasions. Some are unique, some were gifts, some were bought out of necessity and still some are more expensive than others.

If you take a minute and think, what if every single item in your home was unique: it had a story behind it and every time you used it, you relived wonderful memories full of joy? Of all your possessions, how many would you say you possess like that?

Life can be so hectic. We live in fast-paced world, and sometimes we just want to slow down and enjoy what’s important – to make the moment timeless.

At Bella Unica, we believe if one wants to truly appreciate something, it must be singular. In other words, too much clutter distracts and only adds noise. This is why our new series will introduce you to only a single object, its story and how it can bring singularity to your home. We will discuss how buying less brings more enjoyment to what we have.

“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.”  Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Look around your home and choose your favorite items. Ask yourself – why are they so important to me? How often do I use them? If none of the stuff around you brings you joy and comfort, maybe it’s time to change how you choose what shares your space. Space is limited. Do you really want to waste space on something not adding comfort?
  • Select what enters your home, carefully. Acquire it only if it adds value and benefit to your space. By value, I mean it brings out the best in your environment. By benefit, it brings you joy and happiness. Walk away from impulsive and step into distinction.
  • Ask yourself… Do I need it or want it? Why do I need it? What makes me desire it? What will it add to my experience in my most private space – my home? What is the story behind it? Are the raw materials enhancing or detracting from the beauty of my abode? How am I going to use it? Will it bring me joy? When I share it, will it enhance conversation?

The Beauty of Simplicity – A Handmade White Ceramic Vase

Why do I want it?

White means purity and innocence. Not even a color—it is a tint—which adds a sense of space, room to breathe and life! It brings out the beauty of any room and makes the colors of a plant or flower pop. There’s no interior it won’t compliment, and give it a vintage or classy look.

White Ceramic Vase

Where did it come from?

Art is how passion makes its voice heard. Some communities are blessed to be filled with passion while others are an artistic desert. Therefore, when I see creativity shouting from the hands of an unknown artist, I love supporting those who make my community come to life!

Which is why my choices are simple. I can buy something from a department store, made in a factory by a machine, with the cheapest raw materials in order to compete on price; or I can find an artisan who put love and attention behind a one-of-a-kind creation that he or she would be proud to put his or her name on. I can ask the artist what inspired him or her and own a piece that comes alive when I look at it! I remember the aromas, the glow on the face of the artist as I consumed the story behind the creation. I… well, I digress – I can go on and on.

So, I choose to support small businesses and creative people.

This particular vase, I got from a very talented and hardworking Florida-based artist. When I brought it into my house, it immediately found the right spot – it felt like it came home.


Why the material it’s made from is good?

I love pottery. This ancient art has been making people’s lives more beautiful and functional for thousands of years. It’s a primary source for archaeologists and historians to learn about past cultures and traditions. There is something about hand-sculptured clay: I love to hold it, to watch a light’s reflection showcasing the beauty of the glaze and the warmth of it.

White Vase

How am I going to use it?

This beautiful white vase has a lot of potential. I can use it to display fresh flowers from my garden or to put my wooden spoons in the kitchen. Since I love oil painting, I can store my brushes in it. How poetic, art holding my artistic tools!

White Vase with Red Flower

How would you use it? Would it bring you joy and make your home uniquely beautiful… or, should I say, Bella Unica? Decorating a home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Be unique, shop consciously, embrace your own inner creativity.

Find your perfect vase HERE!

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