The Aesthetics of a Woman Soul: Motherhood & Spiritual Traditions

The Aesthetics of a Woman Soul: Motherhood & Spiritual Traditions

Meet Alicia Campos Massó. The woman who inspires and encourages. She is an international narrative artist, Harvard graduate, psychologist, art therapist, teaching artist, and social entrepreneur, dedicated 100% to her art and teaching.

NV: Alicia, first, I am very thankful for our friendship and how you support and encourage people around you. When was the first time you identified as an artist?

AC: In Spain in my early years, I was already tracing my first lines, always supported by my dad’s obsession for us to sit down and look at the images of his numerous Encyclopedias and art books before we could read. I still can see the image of my siblings and myself sat down for hours, staring at books.  I felt identified with those images painted by artists such as Francisco Goya and Remedios Varo. My dad believed and put into practice that being an artist is something normal, something you do every day: sit down and paint.

NV: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

AC: Inspiration, for me, is a constant state of mind. I am constantly stimulated to paint, create, and do something else, art or community-related activity daily. I feel life will be over soon, and we need to accomplish so much as individuals that I think time is falling short. My mind cannot stop… You get inspiration from all around you, from nature, people, and animals, but it is really in our minds that inspiration grows in connectivity to our surroundings. There is no me without you and vice versa. We are put into this world, to share, to serve and to give, otherwise it makes nonsense to live.

Alicia Campos at her Studio in Tampa. 2022.

NV: Your family is in Spain. How do you stay connected? I left Spain in my 20s in search of adventures, getting to know new places, learning about new cultures, and languages, getting to know people… Every year I visit my parents and siblings once or twice. I go to places, churches, beaches, events… is always a comeback to my roots and an excellent time to share the love.

NV: Alicia, you are a strong advocate for female artists. When was the first time you saw the issue in the art community and made steps to raise awareness?

AC: As a woman, I believe I have the responsibility of advocating for our rights and duties as well. All women are, in one way or another, feminists. There are many men feminists too supporting our common interests.  I have just been myself and live around here and there doing my part. In general, inequalities -male or female related- disturb me greatly. My first time advocating for female rights was in Mexico City in my 20s; when painting for a collection in my art studio in Toreo neighborhood, I heard the radio program where diapers were needed for a shelter of young girls with babies. I started attending and making friends with those girls, encouraging them to attend school, and creating art with them with the purpose to release stress and express feelings. Education is everything. Every girl should be able to participate in school at an early age and feel safe.

NV: Let’s talk about Motherhood. What inspired your new series?

AC: I have called this collection: The Aesthetics of a Woman Soul: Motherhood & Spiritual Traditions. 

This collection reunites 20 small-scale paintings and 10 large-scale paintings 3×5 meters, depicting different stages in a woman’s life; motherhood is one of them, traditions since childhood and final decisions once in adulthood. These include themes of Flamenco traditions and aesthetics, sacred moments from the point of view of aesthetics, and women going to church with fans and ‘peineta’, among others.

Alicia Campos. The Aesthetics of a Woman Soul: Motherhood & Spiritual Traditions. Tampa. 2022.

NV: How will The Motherhood series be different from what you have done before?

AC: I would not put my brain in a box and leave, not in the past, not now. Instead, I paint different styles every day now and before, and I hope in the future. I enjoy drawing illustrations and paintings for children as well as an abstraction here and there. But yes, figurative is my favorite. The human figure.  For this collection 2022-2023, my largest one, I would focus on a color scheme, pinks, magentas, and blacks, on a larger scale than before and a narrower theme that is more spiritual, more mature as my age, and more meaningful and consistent to my beliefs and way of living. Life is portrayed in some of the artwork as a thread. A thread connecting souls and lives. Life is simple and must be shared with those who need us the most. Competition and loneliness do not exist, we are all connected, at the end of the day this is what I want to show in my new art collection.

NV: Your home is a very welcoming space. When you buy stuff for yourself, what’s important for you?

AC: I am a minimalist. I buy food and live with the minimum. I do not want to be responsible for new cars, new staff, more clothing, take care of them, and worry about them: the less, the better, more space in my mind to create and be happy. So, I think mindful living is vital.