Your Pen Can Melt a Heart!

L Let your soul be heard this Valentine’s day!

There is something special about a handwritten letter. With text messaging and email, the art and human touch of a manuscript is being lost. When I receive a letter on special paper, where someone took the time to meticulously transcribe their emotions and share a piece of themselves, well, it means so much to me.

This is why when I buy a greeting card, I prefer empty ones. It’s so easy to get lazy and let someone else sell me commercialized prose that may sound pretty, but is sanitized. Where’s the romance in that? Where’s the effort being made to tell someone they are worth taking the time to do it right? There’s no magic.

The effect of a handwritten love letter can leave indelible memories… like when I was in middle school.  A boy who had a crush on me gave me a love note written in the sloppiest handwriting you can imagine, on a scrap of paper from his math notebook.  The words didn’t flow perfectly and there was no flowing harmony; it was quirky but sweet at the same time.  It meant so much to me, I would never exchange it for a fancy, expensive and impersonal card.

When I was dating my husband, he would write me a letter per day (with few exceptions, he never missed a day).  Those letters chronicled our courtship and expressed his love in detail that today I have 226 letters – written specifically FOR ME, by the man I love.  Imagine if instead of taking his time to express himself uniquely, he chose to send a card with someone else’s creative expression and just scribbled his name under it?  The charm and romance would be lost. Now don’t get me wrong, we love receiving those kinds of notes as well (as a reminder from time to time), but we are talking about something totally different here.  When the moment is precious, nothing else will do but one’s distinctive hand.

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What makes a card written by you so special is you can’t hide your personality; the love shines through your script – it’s an extension of you!  Whether it’s bold and flamboyant, or small and tight – it will make somebody feel perfectly adored.

So this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you reach deep inside and release the true romantic to tell someone you truly love them! Close your eyes and think what words will connect you to your loved one?  Words are Powerful!  They can build a relationship and make it sweet — if you choose carefully.  Find those words and write them down. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes; don’t be ashamed of your penmanship.  Open your heart on a gorgeous piece of paper or unique blank card, and let your soul pour ink through your hands and write a message that will grab your loved one’s heart… and squeeze.  Make it count.  Make it special.  Make it unique.  It will be cherished… believe me, I know.

Be unique, fill the blank!

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