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E Ely Gordeeva is a fashion designer, illustrator, yogi and one of the most kind and beautiful people you will ever meet – you can’t help but fall in love with her.  

Ely has a unique vision and style which she transfers to her designs: nature, family and tribal ornaments. Everything she creates, whether it is her house in Bali, a logo for a local business or a new item for her fashion collection, has a very unique voice and is energetic.

For many years you live on Bali. What sets this island apart from the rest of the world?

The life on Bali is very relaxed and simple. You can connect with the nature and universe like nowhere else.

Where do you get your inspirations?

At the moment I am very thankful for Pinterest. Great tool to get connected and inspired. I also love vintage books, magazines and manuscripts.

The ornaments for my t-shirt collection came from ancient manuscripts. They have flare and speak creativity to all who see it – definitely wearable art and the way you can share a story!

Ely Gordeeva for BellaUnica


I use natural and light fabrics like silk and handmade batik.

Silk T-Shirt

You and your husband, famous illustrator Gordei, are both very creative people. How do you support each other?

Oh… we support each other every time and we both are very involved in our daily creative routine. I do some sketches for him, he sends me interesting links, we share our ideas and visions. We talk a lot. We discuss our projects and decide with what to proceed, what to postpone and what is not on our to-do list for now.

I love to treat him to delicious vegan food I make for him. He says it helps a lot!

Ely and Gordei

When you buy furniture or décor in your home, what is your main focus?

For me the story, natural materials, uniqueness and respect to traditions play the main role.  Almost every single piece in my house is carefully handmade.

What about jewelry and clothes?

I apply the same criteria. For me the uniqueness, idea and materials are very important. Everything is made with love. I don’t like mass-market.

Silk T-Shirt Collection

What inspired your MATUR Collection?

Matur – is jewelry inspired by the Siberian tribes: Tatars, Bashkirs, Udmurt, Kimi and Buriat. The tribes are still deeply immersed in their habitat, the land they call home – the vast Siberian forests: Tundra and Tayga. They keep their culture and traditions alive. Families believe in oral tradition and can accurately recount stories as far back as 10 generations.

Silver Earrings

I’m fascinated by Symbolism and ancient traditions. Each element plays a very unique role and has its own space, creating harmony.

A Bird

One of the most popular images of folk art. Flying is an unattainable miracle for humans and is seen as a manifestation of divine essence. The magical gift of flight is attributed to the soul, believing that when a person dies, their soul flies to their final destination. The stylized imagery of the birth of a new soul (a baby), is a bird taking flight and is the main design in female tribal clothing.

Wings Earrings


Another strong and popular symbol. In folklore, if a woman were asked if she was married, she would reply, “I have wings,” meaning she has a husband.  On reaching the age when she can no longer bear children or became a widow, she would say, “I’ve lost my wings.”

Ely Gordeeva for BellaUnica

Tell us about your current project and plans for the future?

We are building a new house on Bali. The main idea is to apply ancient Indian philosophy and knowledge, and immerse it into the creative process. I paint, select antique pieces for decor and build our unique atmosphere.

I also just started a new collection of underwear. You can see it on this website as soon as we launch it!


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