Tips for Beautiful Holiday Decor

W We are rapidly entering the Holiday Season. Great time to get together, share a meal and exchange gifts. We are looking for new recipes, simple table décor and unique, yet simple, ideas for gift wrapping.

Today we are meeting with an amazingly creative person, mom of one-year-old and successful business lady – Elina Chupina.  She runs multiple event businesses in Europe and knows first-hand how to create a magical atmosphere for her clients, guests and family.

When you buy furniture or décor for your home, what’s your main focus?

When buying decor, I mostly focus on the color and style, how it all goes together in harmony of what I already have in my home. I always stay on top of the current pantone and fashion trends.

But above all, I love fresh flowers and believe it’s the best way to make my house a happy and beautiful place.

Simple tips from Elina

Choose your statement color and implement it in your décor.  Start with invitations, continue with your entrance and make a statement with the central piece.  Here you can see a royal violet as a beautiful accent color.  Choose your color wisely.  Use complimentary colors.  Here is an excellent example of how to use split complimentary colors: violet + green + earthly orange.

Purple Decor

Purple Holiday Decor

Be creative with your decor.  Don’t be afraid to use texture while creating a story.  What will it remind you of? That’s right – Fall, Thanksgiving…  Maybe a warm sweater, pumpkin spice or time spent in the country.  Use your imagination. Surprise your guests with a unique center piece.  Instead of using a boring vase, add some accents.  Mix and match flowers with seasonal fruits and decorations.
Use colorful mittens to stock gifts and to make your home uniquely beautiful.

Christmas Decor

Christmas ornaments are looking magical on your chandelier!

Holiday Decor


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