Born in Bolivia, S.A., at a very young age Tricia moved to the United States. Throughout her childhood, she lived in and traveled to various South American countries, Turkey, Nigeria, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. Tricia received her high school education at Leysin American School – a Swiss boarding school, where, in a studio overlooking the Alps, she found and discovered her love for painting.

She did not pursue art in the form of painting in college, rather in the fashion industry, where she had the honor to receive an internship at the House of Hermes in Paris.

That is when Tricia started her love affair with Paris. She has returned to Paris several times and recently lived there 3 months to experience the city and France to the fullest.


Now, I have returned to my original passion – painting. Because of my travels, various countries, cultures and experiences influence me.  Like my influences, my painting styles and subjects vary.  With each painting I try something new; but they all show a part of me.  I paint with both acrylics and oils, depending on the subject and my mood. I look for subject matters that will draw the viewer in and hopefully evoke them to ask questions of what is going on in the painting and to take them there, and to want to be there.