Dreaming of Finland

T The time for Scandinavian clothing has come, because the elements present in the designers’ collections are highly in tune with the way we live and work today. —Dorothea Gundtoft: Author of Fashion Scandinavia published by Thames & Hudson
If you’ve never owned a piece of jewelry, home décor or apparel made in Scandinavia, you are missing owning a very unique work of art.  Their design is a mix of philosophy, folklore, culture and beautiful aesthetics that speaks directly to people. It’s very traditional and flows well with everyday life; not to mention a deep attention in the choice of fabric and its quality.

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The traditions associated with the ancient culture of the Vikings — and developed later in folklore – are a main source of inspiration for Scandinavian designers.  The imagery is clearly borrowed from fairy tales, sagas and nature.

Independent designers from Finland

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Scandinavian folklore and traditions are based on the simple living in harmony.  They have a tendency to use and reflect all things natural: from fabrics to color palettes that are present in their landscapes.  The trend in recent years has shifted to organic and Eco friendliness.  This thinking has always been a part of their fashion and way of life as a whole.

Dreaming of Finland
By the way, Scandinavian design has one unique feature – humor and irony play a huge part.  Their fashion is never boring!

Scandinavian fashion
We are happy to collaborate with an independent designer from Finland, Paola Suhonen, the founder of the Ivana Helsinki brand – sixteen years in the making.  The family-operated Ivana Helsinki atelier is based in downtown Helsinki, where unique pieces are created and small-series production is done.  All items are manufactured in Finland and hand knits come from the beautiful Lapland area.

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