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How what you wear and decorate with speaks loudly

C Communication is important in all aspects of our lives. How we communicate decides our happiness. It will either repel or attract others, say how we feel and think, and is a barometer to success. However, words aren’t the only things we use to communicate with.

Have you ever found yourself reading a person by how he or she dresses, what they drive, how their home is decorated? We may say we don’t, but we do. People can’t help it; subconsciously we decide whether a person is attractive, intelligent and has good taste, or whether they are average. We decide whether the person has pride or is ambivalent.

Well, art is communication. Colors have meaning, emotion and temperature. And as I speak about art, I use the term very broadly. Art is not just a painting, photo or sculpture; art extends to music, fashion, jewelry and, of course, décor. It is the totality of expression we surround ourselves with that articulates our emotions, priorities, tastes and individuality.

For example, white means pure, innocent and virtuous; blue means honest, loyal and true. Depending on the choice of blue, it can mean sad or joyful. Bright colors like yellow, orange, red, pink and lavender express happiness; while darker colors have more serious meanings: brown equals commitment, black equals power and authority, and purple means royalty.

happiness and joy

So when one considers their character and what image they wish to portray – happy or serious, loving or cautious, free-wheeling or calculating, unique or part of the crowd – they express this in how they dress, what jewelry they wear and the colors they choose.

As you look at the holidays, ask yourself what does art say about you? How would you like to be perceived? What message would you like to project? Choose this before shopping. If you know what you want to say, it makes choosing what will express it focused and simple. You won’t be led by whims; you will be moved by your uniqueness – what makes you, YOU.

Make a statement. Speak with purpose. Be uniquely beautiful.

Bella Unica

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