What is Intuitive Painting?

I  Intuitive painting is a process in which you come to the canvas with no expectations at all. It is a place where you get out of your head and into your inner self and just start expressing yourself through color, line, value, and mark. In this way, you express your inner feelings. As you continue to paint, the painting tells you what it wants to be and you let it become. It is always a mystery!


The Story of The Painting
Intuitive Art

Stories behind Intuitive Paintings

There is so much to explore in the paintings of Florida-based artist Candy Schultheis. The colors and composition are simply beautiful, flawless and captivating. Read what the Artist say about her creations.

City on a Hill

Sometimes a painting tells you right from the beginning what it wants to be. That’s how it was with this piece. The images appeared right away but the mood developed slowly.

A City on a Hill by Candy Schultheis

A New Earth

At the time I was painting this piece there had been a lot on the news about the environment and changes being made to our laws. My love for nature and how I want to leave this planet was all I could think of while randomly making marks on my canvas. I am not surprised at what images appeared!

A New Earth by Candy Schultheis

Back to the Islands

This piece to me is stepping into a dream, a fantasy world. An escape from reality, maybe?

Back to The Islands by Candy Schultheis

I Stand Alone

In intuitive painting, your feelings come out on the canvas. I realized while painting this piece that I had been feeling alone, in a land of beauty, my leaves feeling ready to sprout.

I Stand Alone by Candy Schultheis


The sereneness of this painting comes from how I have always felt in nature. The mood brings me back to the days of cross-country skiing by the light of a full moon. Peace.

Moonshadows by Candy Schultheis

Paradise Found

The beauty of nature! Let’s preserve it! It’s a gift! It seems like every time I think these thoughts and have these feelings they pour out onto my canvas in trees and waterfalls, flowers and bushes.

Paradise Found by Candy Schultheis


I painted this little piece on a very rainy day. It comes as no surprise that this is what I was feeling.

Rainstorm by Candy Schultheis

Summer Solstice

Buildings representing stability, floating in the water. An unsteady feeling in our world? But with the sun, a new day there is always hope.

Summer Solstice by Candy Schultheis

Sweet Escape

We were in the midst of planning a trip to hike several Georgia waterfalls. It’s no wonder this scene appeared on my canvas.

Sweet Escape by Candy Schultheis

Tuesday’s Gone

We have all had day’s we were happy to have over. This piece was started on one of those days but finished on the next. The movement of the piece leads you up to the blue sky clearing in the distance, a place of hope.

Tuesday's Gone by Candy Schultheis


I started this piece by writing with black paint all across my canvas, I intend to paint an abstract landscape over and over. I turned my canvas and started painting, not giving it another thought for the first 2 hours. When I stood back, alas, an abstract landscape was in the making!

Marshlands by Candy Schultheis

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