What To Buy at Fall Festivals

F Fall is the most colorful season of the year and a great time for us to participate in local Arts & Crafts shows, Pumpkin patches, family-friendly Fall Festivals and Fashion Events. 


Last Saturday, we had such great time selling Bella Unica Artisan Jewelry at Northwest Church of Christ’s Fall Festival, here in St. Pete, FL. We enjoyed the atmosphere, good conversation with creatives all around us, delicious food, and of course, making friends with our new customers.

Here are my picks from this event.

What To Buy at the local Fall Festivals

Artisan Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is becoming a thriving fashion trend. By buying a unique piece, you’re not only saving money  … Oh, Yes! You can get the best deal for an exceptional design and high quality…  but also supporting local artists and investing in the local economy. Artisan jewelry makes a perfect gift.


Fall Festival Angel Jewelry

Beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas Arrangements 

I took advantage of being a vendor at the fest and grabbed this basket full of little white pumpkins, Fall berries and colorful leaves.

Bella Unica Fall Decor

Lots of people were leaving, carrying one or two Christmas decorations.

Christmas decor

Wooden Figurines for Play and Creating A Nativity Scene

Wooden figurines  

Precious Items From Your Favorite Charity

I got this little elephant for one of my friends. This cutie was made by a girl who was saved from human trafficking, adopted by the loving Rapha House team and now happily lives in one of the safe houses, learning to love and be happy again. If you’ve never heard about this lifesaving organization, visit their website at https://raphahouse.org/ When my husband and I learned about this mission from my dearest friend and Rapha House advocate, Dee Perconti, our lives were changed forever.

Rapha House Elephants

Natalie Velez at Fall fest

So, next time you are at the local Fall festival, look around: have fun, make friends, buy unique gifts and support a charity!


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