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N Nancy Schwartz – From Designer to Consignor. Creativity is gift that gives no matter the circumstances.

When one is blessed with creativity, their light will shine even when adversity strikes. Nancy Schwartz is the embodiment of this truth, as her thriving interior-design business disappeared, she took her love of fabric and colors, her love for the 1920’s and her passion for fashion, and she transformed from Designer to Consignor. Let’s hear the story straight from Nancy.

Nancy Schwartz interview

NV: Nancy, what is the story behind So Chic?

It was 2009, after 35 years of being a successful interior designer and having the privilege of working with many talented artists, Dale Chihuly is one of them, I faced the economy crash.

I looked around at the piles of expensive fabric samples in desperation, when something hit me. I knew what I was going to do. I always loved fashion, beautiful and unique pieces, and decided to follow that inner voice. I replaced the fabric with art to wear, vintage, contemporary and high-end fashion. Luckily for me, I had my own building and just needed to take a new direction.

Art Deco Shop


My concern was finding those special fashion pieces that would make my shop different. And soon my prayers were answered. One of the high-end boutiques went out of business and its owner brought her stock to me to sell. It felt like a gift from above. Since then, I’ve always had a great and constantly updated collections.

NV: Your boutique looks beautiful and unique. I love the look and feel of the 20’s. What is so special about this period for you?

Art Deco was always in my blood. My mom was born in Prague, the city filled with Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. This style is rich in colors, beautiful ornaments and of course, bold geometric shapes. Art Deco is the main motif of my store and even my house is decorated in the same style.

Every time I’m asked to do a fashion show, I always bring Art Deco elements. I was happy that the 1920’s were making a comeback with the release of Baz Luhrmann’s movie adaptation of Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby.

Art Deco Girl

Vintage Bags

It was a new wave for The Great Gatsby parties, all over again. I had one client, who chose the 20’s as the theme of her 100th anniversary. I had lots of fun dressing the ladies and putting together the fashion show.

NV: If you would describe the So Chic customer, who is this person?

The lady who appreciates high-end fashion, yet is smart with her budget. She is fun, elegant, unique and has a beautiful personality.

Retro Dresses

NV: How you decide what collection to bring into your store?

Art to Wear is my first choice. I’m always in search for creative artisan-clothing designers, one of a kind pieces and unique jewelry you won’t find in any other store.

Retro Bags

I have a great collection of hats for any occasion: the Derby, social event or just a casual fashion statement. Ladies who love hats come to me from all over the United States.

Derby Hats

Derby Hats

So Chic Dresses

Art Fashion

My boutique is also famous for beautiful gowns for proms or black-tie events.

NV: You also have a nice collection of art dolls. What’s the story behind those?

As I shared before, after closing my interior-design business, I got stuck with piles of beautiful fabric. I reached out to my team of artists and together we created one-of-a-kind bags and of course, these beautiful art dolls. Each doll has its own personality and style, and it brings me joy to see the rebirth of the fabric.

Redhead Art Doll

Art Doll

I am a happier person now than ever before. I love art, love helping women look beautiful and I love unique fashion.

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