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Bella Unica is an art hub, founded by Natalie Velez, helping creatives and art lovers get connected, learn about up-and-coming and established artists, buy and sell art. Our mission is to promote beauty, art and creatives with a camera, brush and keyboard.

Art, photography and all visually creative services are emotion in color. A picture is worth 1,000 words… why? A photo captures an emotional moment, encapsulating the full spectrum of life. Paintings allow an artist to express happiness, sadness, love or anger with texture, color and brush strokes. It moves hearts, adding flavor to life.

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Naturefying Jewelry Collection by Laura Albright

Laura's necklaceShop Laura's fabulous collection made from nature.

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What are people saying about Natalie Velez?

  • Dee Perconti
    Natalie Velez is a Renaissance Woman.  She does all things well. I go to her for everything. When I needed photos of my collages for a new website, she took spectacular ones that made my work vibrate off the page. When I needed publicity photos, she made me look better than I did in college. She does glam shots better than anyone. And truly she is a master publicist. She wrote an interview about me that saw right into my heart. One of her gifts is that she can see the essence of a person or place. All of her interviews capture the person's true feelings. She has taken care of all my social media: Facebook, Instagram and added her photos  and touch to my blogs. Because of her efforts we had the largest ever Opening at the Mirella Cimato Gallery.  She also took all the photographs for my artist book and shot the entire Opening Reception . Did I mention she is also a very talented oil painter? Her work is absolutely delicious. Natalie is an astute businesswoman with a tender heart.  She is fair and integrous. She cares about her clients. I can't live without her.
    Dee Perconti
    Professional Artist
  • Eddie Velez
    Having a high-profile marketing business, choosing service providers for my clients is very important. Natalie is my go to photographer and social media specialist, because she goes the extra mile. Her eye is unique and powerful; finding the emotion in a moment and giving it life. She isn't satisfied with just good; she always shoots for great. I recommend Natalie to anyone who is looking to brand and position themselves in the very best light. After all, before whatever you are saying or selling is considered, you have to get past the user experience. Have the very best with Natalie Velez!
    Eddie Velez
    Success by Design