Awaiting by Natalie Velez

Awaiting by Natalie Velez

Stories behind art are fascinating. Artists use their brushes, paint, canvases and tools to create stories like writers use a pen and paper. Here artists reveal the inspiration behind their masterpieces. It’s a rare opportunity to not guess but hear how the work was born, first hand.  

One Artist. One Story

Natalie was born in Russia and completed her Bachelor degree in Culturology and Art from St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture (St. Petersburg, Russia), she also holds an associate degree fron the First European School of PR and Advertizing. She worked in a marketing team for LG Electronics North-Western Branch and for almost fifteen years ran her Education Abroad Consultant Agency. After relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida, she took Dr. Rose Marie Prins art classes and later launched her art and events business, Bella Unica.

She’s inspired by Byzantine culture, modern art and contemporary photography. She sold her art nationally and internationally.

Await by Natalie VelezAwaiting by Natalie Velez. Mixed Media on canvas, 36″ x 48″

“This painting has been one of my meditative pieces. The inspiration came from The Trinity (also called The Hospitality of Abraham), an icon created by Russian painter Andrei Rublev in the 15th century. It is one of the most famous of all the world’s icons. Also by old frescos: often they are hidden by layers of paint for hundreds of years, waiting to be discovered.

In the left corner, I created a collage from old history and art books, telling stories of civilizations’ wars, pandemics, prosperity, declining and renaissance.

I added a lotus flower, as a symbol of men seeking answers, learning what is important in life, having a desire to reconnect with the Creator. Before a lotus appears, it must make its way through the dirt and muddy water. Like the lotus flower, nations and individuals are going through their existence, looking for their way back to God.

The Spirit is always there, waiting on us patiently, with acceptance, understanding and love.”